Engineering Support Services

Engineering Support Services


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From help with the basic installation and network configuration to the complex product design, A.N. Solutions’ engineers will guide and support you every step of the way. We offer a wide range of support services for the developers building innovative IoT products and solutions using the cutting edge A.N. Solutions as well as Microchip® and other platforms. Our dedicated team of engineers will answer your questions, troubleshoot the issues, and offer professional consulting, freeing up your resources and accelerating time-to-market of your product.

Currently, up to one hour of free Expert Level support is available with a purchase of any development kit. Covering the developers’ basic needs for assistance with a system bring-up, it provides a convenient way to evaluate A.N. Solutions’ engineering support services and make an informed decision on selecting additional support options.

Table Overview

Engagement Model Annual Support Service Agreement or Fee per service hour Annual Support Service Agreement or Fee per service hour
Warranty of purchased devices
LICENCES and Services of A.N. Solutions GmbH required
Response Time (Hours) 24 hours 12 hours
Response Time (Days of the Week) 10x5 24x7
Email and Phone Support
Remote Access Support (i.e. Team Viewer, Skype or others)
Firmware Customization/Upgrades
Device Configuration Advice
Device Connectivity Support
Code Debugging 1)
(for A.N. Solutions or qualified MCHP devices ONLY)
Application Performance Review 1)
(for A.N. Solutions or qualified MCHP devices ONLY)
Integration with third party devices  
Network Troubleshooting
(where network includes a A.N. Solutions or qualified MCHP devices)
Solution Troubleshooting 1)
(end user implementations, applications, environmental factors. Solutions typically encompasses end point devices, end products, A.N. Solutions devices, applications)
Web Application Development 1)  
Embedded Development 1)  
Site Surveys  
On-site Support  
Installation Services 1)  
Implementation Services 1)  
Customer Specific Device Configuration and Activation Services 1)  
Customer Training 1)  

1) Subject to a specific MSA Agreement

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