@ANY900 USB Dongles

@ANY900 USB Dongle
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Based on the @ANY900 modules, the host-powered @ANY900 USB dongles are reliable gateway solutions that come in a compact sized form factor. Optimal RF characteristics are achieved using on-chip ceramic antenna (@ANY900-1) or U.FL connector (@ANY900-2) option providing maximum flexibility of external antenna adaptations. The on-board UART chip allows for easy setup of a serial connection via USB interface. Supported with off-the-shelf drivers by the commercially maintained FTDI Driver Suite, the USB 2.0 compliant interface ensures a seamless integration to various operating systems.

Combined with Peryton S analyzer software, the dongle can serve as a single channel protocol analyzer. Firmware upgrades are performed via on-board bootloader or integrated JTAG interface.

Ensure quick setup by ordering the product preprogrammed with either our AT-command-based Smart MAC Suite firmware, your own firmware, or common stacks such as 6LoWPAN, Zigbee PRO or Lightweight Mesh.

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