@ANY2400-SC BRICK Boards

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@ANY2400-SC BRICKs are reliable standalone nodes based on the @ANY2400-SC modules. Powered by USB, a battery pack (2 x AAA), or via 2.54 mm pin socket, they encompass a wide range of use cases. Thanks to the on-board UART chip, a serial connection to a host or other device is easily set up either via USB interface or by using the corresponding pins. Supported with off-the-shelf drivers by the commercially maintained FTDI Driver Suite, the USB interface ensures maximum interconnectivity and seamless integration to various operating systems.

In addition to the integrated on-board temperature, humidity, dewpoint, acceleration, and battery voltage sensors, external devices can be easily attached to various interfaces such as TWI/I2C or SPI via the pin socket. Customized BRICK nodes with robust ABS enclosure, RF pigtail connector, and optional external antenna, enable seamless product infrastructure setup.

Our Smart MAC Suite AT-command-based firmware and the included application examples guarantee a quick bring-up.

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